What hentai means ?

Hentai is a Japanese word for everything related to sex or adult in animated illustration and/or video. Hentai is a common word for "very sexual". Normally to create a Hentai book or movie, it takes at least 5 artist of woman and man. Why both gender, simply because artist always try to express the most explicit and realistic story that we often dream about. And the audience is surprisingly not only man but woman too !

What manga means ?

Manga is a illustrated book. There is 2 type of manga. One is for kids and the other one is for adult audience. Exactly like the image bellow, you can see cartoon made by hand in sexual act.

What is the difference between Hentai and Manga ?

Lets say Hentai is more hardcore illustrated animation either in book medium or in video medium. Manga can be hardcore too but it is often shown as a softcore sexual act. Softcore sex animation in e-book or video can be often found for free over the web versus hardcore where you can see sexual act at it most "hardcore" such as ejaculating on the face or extreme erotic situation are mostly offered as a paid product. The difference is like day and night.


Want to see more manga and hentai digital anime movies (There is even 3D anime from the best artist in Japan !)

adult anime video

japan animation

bukkake sex cartoon

3D sex animation




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